University Project

Website & Leaflet Design

For this project I was given the task to create a website and leaflet design for a tourist attraction in my local area. I decided to choose the ‘Cardiff Centenary Walk’ as my subject for the project. The walk takes you around the sights of Cardiff’s City center. I chose the walk due to the fact it was already poorly branded and not many people have heard of the walk. The previous website for the walk was dull and very straightforward, with no branding or logo.
I set off to create an identity for the walk, using a map pointer as the main focal point. I wanted the colour red to be the predominant colour of the brand as that is the colour of the city, Cardiff.
I explored many different visual routes in the project and also different layouts. I decided that a ribbon/banner theme suited the project and the logo, so made that the main visual of my site, alongside large images from around the walk. I also wanted a visual background of a pavement, as the route takes you around the sights of Cardiff via the pavement. 
The layout Is the same throughout the website, except the page with the map, allowing the map to have more space. The map page shows you the route and the sights are marked with a map pointer. If you click on each individual pointer it will bring you to an informational page about the sight you have clicked on. I thought this was an interesting way of showing all the sights on the route.
I also developed a concept for a Centenary Walk app, due to the fact that the app market is rapidly expanding and it would be a very handy app for someone who takes part in the walk. The app is basically a guide for the walk. I also created a print out guide, for those who do not have the opportunity to download the app.­­­
The leaflet I created for this project reflects the website in every aspect, from the banner/ribbon theme to the pavement background. The leaflet is very quirky in the way that you can ‘pop out’ the map pointer logo to make it stand up off the leaflet. I feel that I have accomplished a leaflet that is also a keepsake.
To view the working website type this into your address bar:

University Project

Motion Poster & Advertisement

The brief set was to create a motion poster, alongside an a2 print poster on the topic of a pressing environmental/health issue. I decided to create a campaign on saving water, and named my campaign ‘Save-A-Drop’. The idea behind the campaign is that every drop counts.
After researching target audience and statistics, I came to the conclusion that I would aim my poster at homeowners who can participate in simple things around the house in order to save money.
The idea for the motion side of the campaign is mainly based on the idea of the water drop tellimng the story, being part of almost every transition throughout the piece. The colour scheme is consistant throughout the campaign and reflects a water based colour scheme.
I also decided to take the campaign further by putting the graphics on a water butt, and in an ideal world, the government would have to issue a water butt to each house nationwide.

*please note, due to rendering issues on the video upload site the motion poster is quite jumpy in parts. It is not like this when the file is played through my device*

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University Project 

Book Cover Design

I set out to create a new special edition design for Ken Kesey’s classic book “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.
My final design is a cuckoo clock with a twist. The top of the cuckoo clock is ‘Nurse Ratched’ , the head nurse of Oregon Psychiatric Hospital. She is a strong figure in the novel and really controls and manipulates the Psychiatric patients. Chief, the protagonist in the book (who is also one of the Psychiatric patients) believes Nurse Ratched controls time to make the anguish of his every day life prolonged, hence the connection to a clock. Other objects in the book include hypodermic needles, playing cards and barbed wire. These are all included on the clock.
I decided to create the shapes and features of the clock in a sharp, constructivism style, as I see Nurse Ratched as a dictator in the book. I also added an inkblot texture, relating to the Rorschach psychology test. I used minimal colour, to keep it clear and reflecting the colours of a hospital and decided to make a the type in  a label writer style, mirroring the type on patients medical record files.
To make the dust jacket design smoothly run into the book cover design, I decided to continue the cuckoo clock, so that when you slide the dust jacket off the book, the pendants continue on the book cover.
To make the book more special edition I added a selection of free inkblot cards. The inkblots each contain an image that is in the book. For instance one inkblot card looks like a bird, therefore relating with the title of the book. I have also added a relevant quote to the back of the inkblot cards. Furthermore I added a bird bookmark, which quite happily sits at the top of the page.

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New logo design for Hollie Amelia Design.
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New logo design for Hollie Amelia Design.

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Personal Project

I have always been fascinated by the art of magic since I was a child. I wanted to create a series of simplistic posters with magic as the theme. I kept to a limited greyscale palette (excluding the red on the card suit poster) to make sure the colours do not detract from the simple composition of each poster. Wanting some text on the posters, I thought that ‘It’s a kind of Magic’ was an appropriate strapline and it’s typeface and positioning is constant throughout the pieces. I used illustrator to create this piece of work.

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Freelance Project

Freshwater Outdoor Cleaning Services approached me to rebrand their business. They wanted a new logo design along with newly designed stationary, fitting in with the brand. The brief they gave me was very open, just that the design has to reflect their business (Power washing, window cleaning etc). I am very pleased with my outcomes and I would say I have a real passion for branding.

The final logo design consists of the ‘F’ in the shape of a pressure washer and in the negative space between the ‘h’ and the ‘w’, a single teardrop appears. I wanted the colours to reflect the water theme and compliment each other. The typeface used I felt reflects the fluidity of water, especially the letter ‘a’. I feel the design is clear, clean and effective. It works on a range of scales, from put on a tshirt, to blown up on the side of a van.

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University Project.

Year 2 - Typography Brief

The brief was set to create our own typeface. We were given a list of instances to choose from that we had to base our typeface on. The instance I chose was ”The Captain is a Storyteller” as it made me conjour up many exciting visuals. 

I decided to firstly look at a range of different pirate images to help me get more inspired and by looking at shapes created in these images. It was after studying the shapes made from the sails on a pirate ship, i had my final idea in place. I wanted to create a typeface using these triangular elements. I also wanted the typeface to be a serif based so I decided to base the skeleton of my outcome on the typeface ‘Perpetua Titling’. 

I also added a ‘cut out’ effect on the edge of the typeface to give it more of a warn, ripped map feel. Furthermore I decided to add script style lines comes from each letter to give it more of a flamboyant pirate feel and they also reflect the rope that the sails are connected to on the ship. One last detail I added was the dots & line pattern on each letter. This reflecting the rivets found on treasure chests.

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University Project

Year 1 - Packaging Project

The brief set was to create a piece of packaging for a ‘Creative’s tool kit’. The ‘tool kit’ consisted of 2 Fineliner pens and a HB pencil.

I decided for my outcome I would package the 2 pens and the pencil individually, then would make the individual ‘packages’ fit together to create a whole one. Therefore I created 3 triangular prism nets, each for the pens/pencil, so that they would slot together to form a bigger prism. I then decided to add a simple sleeve to wrap around the nets, to hold them together. The packaging was made from less than one piece of A3 paper, which I feel was an achievement because I believe that packaging being kept to a minimum is an important aspect to package design nowadays. I also added an interesting ink splat texture around the packaging to keep in with the creative feel. I decided not to use colour on this design as I feel it would detract from the simplicity and beauty of the texture and the piece itself.

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